Kinesiology Schools and Careers

Kinesiology schools offer an education in human kinetics and prepare students for careers that focus on human movement. Several options exist for kinesiology experts. Kinesiology graduates find themselves working as chiropractors, ergonomics professionals, rehabilitation specialists, and case coordinators, among other careers. However, another study called Applied Kinesiology prepares students for careers in alternative medicine.

The study of kinesiology was first developed by George Goodheart in the 1960s. The study of human kinetics at kinesiology schools includes the psychological, mechanical, and physiological ways that the human body moves. The range of motion the body has, how the body moves, how external stimuli affects movement, and the physical aspects of human motion are all factors in the study of kinesiology. The science can be applied to fields in biomechanics, orthopedics, rehabilitation (including physical therapy and occupational therapy), sports medicine, and exercise science. Many students who major in kinesiology receive degrees in exercise science or sports physiology and are prepared to work in clinical settings, research, industrial environments, and the fitness industry.

Students getting an education at kinesiology schools may study various subjects in relationship to the human body. Physiology, anatomy, biology, and chemistry are common courses that exist in the curriculum of a kinesiology major. Other areas for study include biomechanics, clinical nutrition, ways to diagnose sports injuries, methods of doing the muscle test, and holistic treatments for physical and emotional issues. General fitness, health, and exercise science courses will be required, too.

Applied kinesiology is taught at kinesiology schools accredited by the International College of Applied Kinesiology. This field is different than regular kinesiology, because it focuses on the natural and holistic elements of body movement. Additionally, it uses a muscle testing technique to identify health issues through the body and the way it moves. Considered more controversial in the past, it is gaining mainstream acceptance very quickly in modern society. Its emphasis on the nervous and lymphatic systems, energy pathways, human posture, and the strength of muscles and their range of motion helps to tell a story about a patient’s health and problem issues.


From a diagnosis resulting from the muscle test of applied kinesiology, a care giver may be able to prescribe physical therapy, herbal medicine, dietary changes, or other treatments. Kinesiology schools for applied kinesiology usually require students to complete at least 100 hours of classroom work in order to become certified. Advanced study with 300 more hours of instruction can earn a student a diploma, which is an advanced degree. Tuition usually ranges from $1,100 to $2,200 for first-time certifications.

There are many career options for students who graduate from kinesiology schools or with kinesiology degrees. Many graduates pursue jobs in health promotion as personal trainers or fitness experts. Some work in clinical or rehabilitation settings; others work in industrial settings as ergonomics professionals or health and safety experts. Other kinesiology graduates work in disability management to recommend plans of action for injured or impaired patients. Some work in management, research, administration, or other roles that deal with the professional business side of kinesiology. Holistic therapy providers use kinesiology in their careers as chiropractors and naturopathic doctors or nurses.

Kinesiology schools and careers have become increasingly popular over the past 10 to 20 years as society has become more conscious of the necessity to become healthier. Chronic obesity, increased cases of hypertension, and constant stress have caused people to focus on alternative methods of taking care of their bodies. Kinesiology fits into this trend as people are going for more massages, visiting the chiropractor for adjustments, and realizing that body chemistry affects their physical health and fitness.